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I'm using Pactto a lot. It tells the story like a movie, which is much better than text. The more I use it, the more I like it. I love the platform and use it regularly.

Andy King, coaching surfing world champions such as Gabriel Medina, Tyler Wright, and others.

Built for speed

Create video feedback from anywhere, fast.


Share reviews with customizable action items.

Built for alignment

Kill the noise, create clarity and command.

Since the first time I used it, I was overwhelmed by how easy it is to use as a surf coach. For my daily video coaching sessions and even overseas video feedback, I only use Pactto. Even when I'm not on the same beach as my students, I can give valuable feedback on their surfing so they can improve in no time. Whether directly on the beach with my students or later at home, giving video coaching feedback has never been easier. To be honest, I always looked out for such a tool, especially for surf coaches! The split screen tool, the review recordings, and the AI feature all support what I need. I recommend it to every surf coach out there, and actually, to any coach!

Daniel Spes, ISA II Surfcoach & Co-Founder of Surfcompanions


Web links with your video reviews, AI-generated titles, clean transcriptions with no filler words, contextual action items and custom prompting.

Create and share digital feedback like never before

Built for privacy

Other tools upload every frame of your video feedback to their clouds. Pactto does not. By default, all the processing takes place on your device.

The fastest screen recording tool

Record your computer screen on Mac or Windows, and go from start recording to video file in seconds.

Supercharge productivity

Quickly review multiple images or videos at once, work from a memory card, and speed things up with keyboard shortcuts.

Crystal clear explanations

Create auto-fading drawings and notes, compare multiple assets, sync up multiple timelines, and control speed for frame-by-frame precision.

Keep WIP under wraps

Save Pacttos on-device instead of uploading to the cloud if privacy and security are a primary concern. Share between devices or to an encrypted solution such as WhatsApp.

Screen recording with notes

Screen capture using drawing tools that creatives know by default. Your on-screen notes are are movable and scalable!

What our customers are saying

“Video is one of the biggest tools in progression. We use Pactto to break down waves leading up to events. It’s super easy to use and will only get better. It also allows me to work remotely with athletes from all over the world.”

Matt Myers, Founder of Myers Surf Mentorship, coaching CS and CT athletes

“I love the side-by-side feature, where surfers are in the exact same motion at the same time. I can see specific body parts (arms, legs) to break down movements, etc. Pactto gives coaches the competitive edge.”

John Daniels, Founder of LTR, coaching world-class athletes from Oceanside in California

“We use Pactto frequently, and our customers love the experience. Everyone can understand and improve their technique faster than ever.”

Thanks to Pactto, OMBE has transformed its workflow, saving hours each week. No more file chaos or endless emails. Just efficient, direct and visual client communication. It’s streamlined, simple, and lets us focus on our passion: empowering surfers worldwide.

Jeremy Ryan, OMBE CEO


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Free. No credit card required.

Pactto is easy to use

Load your videos or images from a memory card or any device, then visually explain what you mean, and share it as a local MP4 or as a smart weblink.


Here is everything you need to know to get started with Pactto.

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Do I need to install Pactto?

Not necessarily! For basic video reviews, you can use Google Chrome on your computer. However, for the best experience and powerful features like recording your screen with annotations or creating instant MP4 files, downloading the desktop version (available for Mac and Windows) is the way to go. Want to make video reviews on the go? The mobile version (iOS or Android) has got you covered.

Once you’ve finished a review, an optimized MP4 video file is created with all your feedback (your voice, drawings, camera, all in one single video). You can easily share this file via other apps (like WhatsApp, Google Drive, or Slack) or even create a shareable smart web link to send to others.

Absolutely! Pactto makes extensive use of AI, particularly when you share reviews via a web link. This includes access to handy features like transcription, actionable items, and customizable prompts that let you generate various outputs such as blog posts, bug reports, or scripts for further automation.

Yes, indeed. Privacy is at the core of how Pactto has been designed. Your feedback isn’t uploaded to the cloud until you opt to share it via a web link. Everything else happens right on your device.

Yes, you can! All processing is done locally on your device, so you can create and review videos anytime, anywhere—even without an internet connection.

Nope! Starting with Pactto is completely free, and we don’t even require a credit card to get started. Just create an account and you’ll get full access to all PRO features for a 14-day trial period. After that, you can continue with the FREE plan, which still offers plenty of functionality.

Pactto offers a FREE plan with basic features. If you need more, the PRO plan is available for just $9 per month per user. Act now, because this pricing will change later in 2024 (don’t worry—any active subscriptions made before the change will be honored for life).

On the desktop version of Pactto, load up videos, images, and PDFs for review. You can also record your screen, add drawings, and integrate camera footage. On mobile, in addition to videos and images, you can review sound files, and we’ll soon be supporting 3D files as well.

Definitely! Pactto is the fastest tool around for screen recording. From the moment you click “start recording” to when you have a finished, optimized MP4 file, takes less than 10 seconds. It’s quicker than Quicktime and allows you to draw, scroll, and resize your camera view seamlessly during the recording.


Pactto is currently available in English on all platforms. For mobile users, we also support Spanish and Portuguese.

Not currently, but team functionality is on our roadmap and slated for release in 2024. Stay tuned!