Ask you customers to send you videos, images, PDFs, decks, and web links with portfolios, resumes etc, all from you site, with your branding, and charge for it! 

No more moving video files around.

Add a code snippet to your website, and allow people to send you videos directly from your page. They upload the video, pay your fee, and you can review it from your phone, tablet or web browser.

What our customers are saying

“Because of Pactto, I now have a wonderful differentiator in my course: my students upload their videos from my site and receive personalized feedback, asynchronously.

They enjoy a contextual, targeted and efficient learning experience, as if they were there with me. I can now create better assessments, and work from anywhere, with the same quality as if we were live.”

Josias Oliveira,  founder of Product Design 4.0

“Thanks to Pactto, OMBE has transformed its workflow, saving hours each week.

No more file chaos or endless emails. Just efficient, direct and visual client communication. It’s streamlined, simple, and lets us focus on our passion: empowering surfers worldwide.”

Jeremy Dean, CEO of OMBE